We are here to:

Inform beautifully. 

At Seed Studio we create off-the-shelf and customizable stationery and signage for personal and commercial spaces. Our goal is to help spread information in a way that is both instructive and modern and that encompasses playfulness, humanity and warmth. 

Spread positivity. 

When people feel welcome, valued and safe their moods can shift toward the positive. There is considerable data supporting the idea that positivity and community strengthen not only well-being but immunity. The more happy we are the more healthy we can be, both physically and mentally.

Create a new mood. 

Our card collection, launched in 2021, is a way to help people to shift into a better mood, a more positive outlook, one that celebrates the good in us. We all have it. Sometimes we just need some help finding it. A memory of a pre-teen moment and my mom's kind words also inspired this collection. Here is a little story: 

One day after school I decided I was in a bad mood. The day before at a friend's house I observed that being in a bad mood meant you could be excused for behaving badly. I stomped around the kitchen, slamming cupboards as if possessed, trying out this new superpower.

"What's going on?" My mom said, kindly inquisitive.

"I'm in a bad mood." I grunted through falsely gritted teeth.

"I'm sorry to hear that sweetie. Are you hurt? Or sick? Is something wrong?" 

"No." I replied, with less bite, my energy and acting skills waning. 

She explained that there are feelings like sadness, anger or fear that we can talk about and address, but choosing a bad mood just because wasn't ok. 

'Your mood is a choice that you get to make' is the refrain that I still hear in my ears when I feel annoyed about some small thing. Making time for a moment of calm, some gratitude, exercise, time with friends, or chocolate does wonders. And so does accepting that sometimes things may not be exactly as we imagined, but does this make them wrong? Or just interesting?  

Try new things. 

Seed Studio was born during a time of change and challenge in the world. In our day jobs at Seed Agency we create brand identities, creative content and experiences. In quarantine, at the start of the pandemic, we were inspired to extend our work to a greater audience who might benefit from well-designed and thoughtful messaging.